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Am I Getting Old?

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I’m back! I know I’m a slacker, don’t hate me for it. In the past few months, a lot has been going on! I traveled from Laguna to Kauai to Seattle and back to Laguna. Planned a few very important parties, landed a new writing gig and saw a lot of amazing people. Now that we are entering into the Holidays, believe it or not, things slow down a bit. My poor neglected blog shall receive a little bit more attention.


Going from Kauai to Seattle was quite the culture shock, having opposite climates, and environments. The packing was tough. Although both locations were full of nature, lush greenery, rain, and the sunshine in the mix, they couldn’t be more different. Kauai was the rainy jungle, exploiting lush tropical plants and underwater creatures with gorgeous Hawaii blue, crystal clear water; Seattle was lined with tall buildings and evergreen trees, reflecting emerald green water and clams lining the coasts. “We are supposed to get a huge tidal wave that drowns the city, and Mount Rainier is due to explode.” These were the famous words spoken when describing the impeccable beauty of the Upper Left city.

Kauai is more island time (obviously) and getting back to the hustle and bustle of the mainland was more of a difficult transition than I thought.

Anyways, we ventured to see my best friend in Seattle, check out a football game and see the gorgeous Emerald City, the new place she (my best) calls home.

You can always count on your friends to bring you back down to earth when your head is [still] up in the clouds. Whether it was from flying on six different airplanes, or the cloudiness from the city, I really couldn’t tell you. I was just high on life, feeling young, wild, and free; traveling without a care in the world from place to place.

Getting away from the frigid air Seattle knows all too well, we made our way into a Seahawks bar on Football Sunday. When a group of girls comes together, you can guarantee age or aging will come up as a topic of conversation. It could be the youngest person sitting at the table talking about problems that don’t exist while everyone else secretly rolls their eyes. Or the one in her early 30s who’s complaining about being “old” and all their new ailments they have.

As we were carrying on in this conversation, my friend makes a remark about the wrinkles on her wrists. The creases that are there from bending your hand back and forth. I’ve never noticed these as “aging wrinkles” but merely as we are not dolls that don’t bend, but human. These creases began to form the moment you came out of the womb. As the youngest in our group, a broad of 26 years of age, with the majority of my friends being in their 30s, I always am left to ponder the things that seem silly to me.

The creases on your wrist? “I have those, and I’m pretty sure I have had them since I was an adolescent.” the response made to my comment was, “Well, you are getting up there sweetie.”

Am I really getting “up there”?

I sat back a moment. I am 26 years old; I thought “up there” was when you maybe hit your mid 40’s early 50’s and things just naturally started to slow down a bit in life. No offense to my 40’s and 50’s friends, as I certainly am a believer in “you are only as old as you think you are,” but “up there”? Come on.

It made me feel sad to be honest. At the age of 26 you are now seen as getting old. I for sure thought I had a solid 20 years left. I’m active, I workout almost every day. I eat healthily and splurge when it’s appropriate. Like when you get a really good bottle of wine in the middle of the week or stop by your favorite chocolate store that has whiskey and champagne chocolates in stock. I work hard, wake up early, and sleep in when staying in bed longer sounds better than putting my workout clothes on. I apply my creams, condition my hair, stay up to date with all the anti-aging technology, and invest in organic skincare to keep my skin looking fresh and young. Still, I get someone that says, “You are getting up there,” as they stare at the creases on my wrist.

Can you botox your wrist? What if I apply anti-aging creams to the creases or try to stop bending my hands back and forth? Will that slow down the process of my wrists aging???

As I slumped back in my seat and went quiet, I pondered the thought of getting old, based on my wrist creases. What the fuck?

Why is everyone so afraid of aging? Does it make you less beautiful? Or is your beauty a product of your confidence, and the way you carry yourself?

Think of your friend who was (or is) 29 going on 30. She cried (or is currently crying), didn’t she? I understand I am not there yet and I “don’t know what it is like”.

I thought your 20s were where you made all of your mistakes, and you had no idea how to handle life. Maybe your wrist creases weren’t as prominent, but you were broke. You drank Two Buck Chuck, and you were probably hungover almost every weekend. You were also, most likely, living paycheck to paycheck. You spent what little money you had on booze after you paid your bills, except the phone bill because we all know that can wait a few days. Your diet consisted of noodles and some other form of substance, and the only time you went out to eat (not including the Chinese take out you religiously ordered) was when you were taken on a date and weren’t paying the bill. Ladies, don’t lie.

Why is aging so scary?

You can afford to “splurge” on a bottle of wine just because it’s Tuesday. You probably are driving a nicer car, or maybe live in a city that doesn’t require you to drive one. You can afford to go shopping on a Saturday just because you feel like it. You are far more independent and don’t sleep on a mattress that is resting on the floor. You are probably residing somewhere you can see yourself living in for a while. Maybe you have even found a boyfriend or have decided that being single is better. But you certainly don’t rely on somebody else paying for your shit. Maybe you have a few more wrist creases, but you have worked hard to become who you are and have earned those wrist creases because you are not made of porcelain. You are human.

That’s a lot of pondering huh?

So, am I getting old?

As much as I love my routine of keeping my body and mind young, the answer is yes, I am getting I’ve always felt older, which is probably why I surround myself with friends who are older than I am, and I am so anxious to get things going in life. I guess the only way to handle it is not to make people feel like “getting older” is a bad thing or an ugly thing. It’s a maturing thing, because honestly, who wants to be a teenager again? Who wants to be 21 again? Yeah, it was fun, but knowing what you know now, and being able to experience new things makes your life at this moment, way better than it ever was.

Wrist creases and all.


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