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Americans Are Lazy


Don’t get offended.

I am including myself in that very bold (and probably controversial) statement.

All you Californians are thinking, ‘What?! Lazy? I run 20 miles a day and work out 8 times a week I’m not lazy!”

*Insert applause* Congratulations.


Here is what I am talking about:

I have not traveled as much as I would like ( that is changing rapidly), however my most recent Canadian trip taught me that we, Americans, prioritize differently.

On my most recent trip, every Canadian I spoke to had traveled to a different continent, most often multiple times and still had plans to visit someplace new.  They made attending “University” a priority, traveling/studying abroad was a must and they never made excuses to experience life such as, “I can’t afford it.”

Living in Laguna Beach I experience many tourists that come to visit paradise, and most of them are Australian, European and Canadian.  Australia is what, an 18 hour flight?  They sat on a plane for 18 hours to come visit our neck of the woods, which probably looks similar to theirs (guessing from images as my first Australian trip will be happening in February 2015).


Not only do we lack in our will to explore the world, but how often do we make excuses and express “entitlement”?

I came across an article that shared 13 reasons why you are failing;  Number 1: Laziness – Number 2: Entitlement

You can’t work hard at finding reasons to not work.  You have to work for what you want, and do it like somebody is working against you 24 hours a day.  there maybe be 1% of the world’s population who actually can be entitled because they have worked their hardest and reached their most difficult goals, however for the rest of us, we don’t “deserve” to be handed anything.  If you have no goals set, how will you ever reach them? Learn how to work hard, whether you like it at that moment or not, and watch it blossom into your goals and dreams, turning into your most prized possession- and man will it feel good.


This has all stemmed from me thinking the past couple of days, ‘I need to write for my blog,’ and never sitting down and actually getting to it.  I can make all the excuses I want, Monday morning meetings, research for articles for the magazine I write for, working out, life, whatever.  But I can take 30 minutes out of the day to sit down and make time for it.

Naturally, being my overly analytical self, I started thinking about my professional goals, my travel goals and how many of these goals I haven’t reached because of excuses and/or fear of failure.  Did you now there is actually a “professional” term for fear of failure?

Atychiphobia. The abnormal, unwarranted, and persistent fear of failure. As with many phobias, atychiphobia often leads to a constricted lifestyle, and is particularly devastating for its effects on a person’s willingness to attempt certain activities.

I’m not even sure I know how to pronounce that.


Are we lazy because we are fearful and self-aware?  Do we worry about what others such as our closest friends and/or family will think of us if we don’t follow the societal “norm”-the whole get ahead mind set?

Go to college, get an internship, get a job, make money, marry someone, buy a house, have kids, continue working 100 hours a week, retire when your life is more than half over…. and accept that you maybe have not pursued anything you really desired.  It’s all very safe.  Where’s the risk taking in that life?

All-in-all if the people that love you produce such negativity that hinders your desire to pursue something great, maybe it should be extracted from your life.


Do we need to take more risks and trust that if we work hard, focus and have a little fun along the way in order to not be “lazy”?


Just a few thoughts.






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