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How To Stay Fit While You Travel

Stay Fit

Visiting new places is exciting.  Adventures, making new friends, trying new cuisine, creating memories, exploring new cultures, I mean, what’s not to love?  Whether you are heading somewhere for the weekend or the month, it’s easy for your fitness and health routine to take to the sidelines.  Here’s my strategy for enjoying your time on vacation, while staying fit and feeling good.

Opt for adventures rather than piña coladas…

It’s always fun to imbibe on vacation, but instead of downing cocktails throughout the day, opt for whatever adventures are calling your name in your new surroundings.  Take the paddle board out; explore the local terrain with a nature hike; hit up a fitness class first thing in the morning; go for a swim in the warm waters; take on local sports.  Whatever it may be, you can snap some great photos, get a good sweat in, and have a new experience in a foreign place!

Check out Pinterest for fitness inspo…

I love turning to Pinterest for fitness ideas.  My favorite is the lineup of exercises like the ones below that doesn’t take too much time out of your day, but still challenges you and keeps your body strong.  You can do this first thing in the morning and right before you shower.

Quick Workout 2

Quick Workout

Continue your water regimen…

Wake up and drink a half of liter of water before anything else.  My goal is still 3 liters of water a day, even when I am traveling.  It helps keep you full and not overindulging on local treats, keeps you bloat-free, and hydrates you for your day filled with activities.

Drink Water

Load up on protein and healthy fats (opt for veggies and fresh fruit as snacks)…

I always start my day with a protein and healthy fat packed breakfast.  Whether it’s a shake with protein powder and coconut oil or a veggie omelet with avocado, I always find a way to make my first meal the healthiest meal, to start my day off right.  As for snacks throughout the day, raw veggies and fresh fruits are the way to go.  They keep you satiated, feeling hydrated, and healthy.


My travel bag always includes things like coconut oil; vegan, gluten-free protein bars; protein powder packets; vitamins: evening primrose, biotin, multivitamin, natural calm magnesium powder, lysine, wellness formula.

Most of all, don’t stress.  So you missed a workout, or you indulged in some cocktails?  Big deal!  You are on vacation, enjoy yourself, get your zZzz’s, and have fun ;).


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