Laguna Beach

Looking for Authentic Mexican Food in Laguna Beach? Look No Further than Adolfo’s!

Adolfo’s Mexican Food is still ran by Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo who opened the joint in the 60s.


If you are looking for some serious authentic Mexican food, you must head to Adolfo’s; a Mexican food joint that is still ran by Mr. (and Mrs.) Adolfo himself.

When you walk in the door, the space makes you feel like you just teleported to Mexico City.  It’s packed with construction people, beach people, surfers that just got out of the water, and passer-byers that couldn’t resist the temptation of an ice cold beer straight out of the ice trough and some perfectly seasoned tacos. Connie, Adolfo’s wife, will probably be the one to greet you at the cash register and take your order.  Their wonderful staff behind the bar makes sure you get set up with a brew while you pay and wait for your food to be made by the fast working cooks. Grab a table outside in the sunshine that is surrounded by flowers or pull up a chair to the bar where they usually have some sports event playing on their big screen. Place an order for their chips and guacamole if you are really hungry and can’t wait to eat your entrée while they make it fresh and choose from an assortment of salsas at their salsa bar to dip your chips in or pour over the top of your main course. For your main course, get the Shredded Beef Tacos and if you are really hungry add an Enchilada to your order.  If you are in the mood for breakfast they will be happy to add eggs to your dish, a go-to of mine.  Hung over? Go straight for their Carne Asada Burrito paired with a cerveza and you will be feeling better in no time.  If you are feeling adventurous order the Whole Fried Mojarra.  You’re Welcome.


998 S. Coast Hwy

Laguna Beach, CA 92651




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