Resolutions To Evolutions Part 3: Beauty


So often we take short cuts in our daily (weekly, monthly…) lives; we are tired from working all day (or night) and when we get home the first thing on our mind is, “How fast can I get into bed?”


With that being said, because we are so busy, tired, or trying to save money, we forget how important it is to take the extra time to pamper ourselves, and give the only body we have a little extra love. Instead we create bad habits that wreck havoc on our body and beauty routine. Shame on us. The only other thing worse than waking up with dried out skin from the make up that is still on your face from the night before is tired, puffy eyes and finding that new wrinkle from the lack of care you have been giving your skin and maybe extra stress you have not been treating. In hopes of penciling in more feel good moments, here is a list of resolutions to add to your beauty regimen.

1) Try Swapping Out a Few of Your Standard Beauty Products for Natural Beauty Products 

It can be anything from switching out your body wash for baking soda or going to a beauty store like Lush or Whole Foods and purchasing an already made natural remedy. More often than none this little trick can save you a lot of money by using natural products such as baking soda, Epsom salt, honey, lemon, coconut oil, etc.

I love:

Exfoliating with Epsom salts and baking soda, or creating a foot soak to ease those tired feet

Using a honey, lemon and baking soda mask on my face clears pores and nourishes my skin.

My favorite conditioning hair mask is a mixture of coconut oil and rosemary oil.

Lush Products I Love:

Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

Mask of Magnaminty- Self Preserving (it has honey in it)

Roots Hair Treatment 

Let The Good Times Roll Face Wash

Sugar Scrub For Lips

Karma Kream Body Cream

Sea Spray Hair Mist

2) Take Your Make Up Off Before You Go to Sleep

Enough said.

3) Moisturize Your Skin Every Night (And Morning)

Keep skin hydrated so it stays looking youthful and fresh. Try moisturizing right after the shower- your skin locks in moisture better with the help of heated and damp skin- and apply a moisturizer every morning with an SPF.

4) Invest In a GOOD Eye Cream

Your eyes really are the windows to your soul, and once you hit a point of no return, they will begin to tell all your secrets such as your age, if you drank too much last night….  Invest in a great eye-cream packed with vitamin C- they come in smaller portions but a little goes a long way!

5) Apply a Hair Mask At Least Once A Week

I gave you a great DIY hair mask recipe and purchase above. Don’t forget your hair needs some love, too!

6) Take A Day Off From Heat Styling

Once a week, put down the blow dryer and opt for a swanky braid, low pony tail or topknot. Your hair will thank you.


Seriously? Does this even need an explanation?

8) Schedule a Little TLC at Least Once A Month

Whether it’s a massage, facial, getting your hair done- make sure you have your beauty day to keep you feeling good, pampered and, let’s face it, something amazing to look forward to that is all about you!


Get going!

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