San Francisco Stereotypes.

San Francisco, CA, USA

You Know You Live In San Francisco When…

You Hear Everyone Saying “Hella.”

It’s a Northern California thing for sure, and moving to Southern California, these beach people are not diggin’ it.

You Don’t Notice Homeless People Anymore.

Walk down the financial district anytime of day and there is bound to be a homeless person sleeping, eating or preaching while on a cocktail of drugs. I always give the one’s money, who hold honest signs like, “Need Money For Marijuana”- Hey, at least, they can spell.

Taking The Bus Is No Longer An Issue.

When you are in a city that is 7 miles by 7 miles where driving anywhere is a nightmare, and it’s two bucks to take MUNI almost anywhere- you are sold. Plus those crazy taxi drivers try to jerk you around, racking up the numbers on their meter- BOO.

You Get Excited When You Hear People On The Bus Having a Conversation… In English.

Living in a multi-cultural city, multiple languages are spoken everywhere you turn; so when you hear those two people carrying on a conversation in your native tongue, you see hearts and rainbows and all the other good stuff because you can understand them.

Speaking of Rainbows, We Are Super Gay.

Yes happy, but also gay. And we are proud to live in a city with such acceptance and love. End of story. You’ll figure it out when you see more rainbow flags than California flags hanging around the city.

You Realize We Have Strong Opinions About Coffee, And Will Argue About It.

It’s your breakfast, mid-morning snack, and lunch accouterment. Plus we have Illy coffee shops amongst others that are simply amazing.

Your Boss runs in the Bay To Breakers; It’s the first time you’ve seen him naked.


You Figure Out That We Are Super Liberal.

We are the most liberal major city in the United States. We believe in happiness, peace, love and smoking weed. Just like Bob said, love is our religion.

If you Don’t Drink With Us; We Don’t Trust You.

How can you trust somebody who won’t have a whiskey shot with you? Suck it up and drink it down.

You Figure Out We Are Not Time Sensitive.

We are free birds, and enjoy being on our own schedule. Here’s a hot tip: If you want to attempt to make plans concrete, make a reservation at a great restaurant, send a confirmation text, and if you have a car pick them up. We aren’t sorry about it.

You See Us Walking Down The Street In Workout Clothes; Fashion Is Not Our Thing.

In most big cities, you see some of the best-dressed people walking around in their most fabulous wardrobe items, high heels and each hair on their head perfectly placed and hair sprayed. That’s not the case for San Francisco, and we don’t really care. You see us in our joggers, with dreads, tattoos from head to toe with the occasional brave person walking around barefoot (do not attempt).

We Love Our Technology.

We have iPhones and Apple products, we are up to date with our gadgets, our ear buds are usually always in and you may see us doing work on our iPads while walking down the street. I mean, the Bay Area is the tech industry, what do you expect? Technology is our fashion.

Brunch Is A Holiday.

We make this an event every week, sometimes multiple times a week. It coincides with our drinking schedule, helps us get over our hangover, and let’s face it; we have some of the best brunch spots around.

We Can Pick Out The Tourists.

If you are wearing shorts in June, we know you are not from here, and might take the liberty of messing with you then inviting you out for a cocktail.

You Are Used To The Guy That Rides His Bike Naked All Over the City.

It’s legal. The only request the city has is to bring a towel with you if you plan on dining at a restaurant. They like you to put it on the seat you are going to sit on, of course, not wrap around you.

You Love Your Barista.

She has blue hair, her nose, lip and eyebrow are pierced, and her name is Shou (pronounced Shoe). Not to mention she gets’s you your coffee before you even order.

You’ve Been To Fisherman’s Wharf Once, And That’s Enough.

It’s tourist central, with tons of people who have no clue what they are doing or where they are going. Get. Me. Out. Of. Here. Unless you spot that cute girl

Hoping On BART, The First Thought On Your Mind Is, Earthquake.

They happen, just pray it doesn’t go down while you are on a train, under the bay.


Have you been to San Francisco?

What’s your favorite part?!

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